Chronicle of a Comeback (vol. 7)

I just ran my fastest mile in a very long time.


Now, those who are following (and keeping track) of my journey through this blog might recall that I ran a mile on Friday in 9:02.  I was 53 seconds slower today, so how was today my fastest mile?

There is a very simple answer…

Sometimes I make silly mistakes… 

Have you ever gotten something in your head, but you’re so close to it that you can’t seem to see it?  You know, like you’re convinced you’re right, and you even have the evidence to prove you’re right… except, you’re not.

Ever since, and even during that run on Friday, I was convinced that I didn’t run a mile, even though Map My Run said I did.  

9:02 was way too fast for how I was running.  And, although it hurt as I ran, and in some ways seemed to take forever, I knew, I just knew, that what I ran wasn’t a mile – it was too short.  

I know a mile when I run it… and that just wasn’t a mile even though all the evidence I had seemed to indicate that it was.

I didn’t realize my mistake until today when I went out for my second one mile run and turned onto a street that it finally clicked in my mind.  I thought to myself, looked at the street sign to confirm, and then said, “Uggg.”  I shut down my run (I hadn’t gone very far, believe me), walked, home, and rechecked my route on Map My Run.

Yeah, that was the problem.

Even though I mapped out a route on the computer and in my head, when I actually ran, I ran a slightly different route.  In short, I made a left turn one street too soon.  That chopped the distance, significantly.

I didn’t run a mile on Friday.  I ran .88 of a mile.  In my build-up of running, it was my longest run to date, but it wasn’t a mile.  

It certainly wasn’t a mile.

Today, with my feet and brain and route all synchronized, I finally ran my first mile since my Achilles surgery in January.


That seemed more like it.  I felt like I was running just about ten minute mile pace.  Today’s run makes sense.  Friday’s did not.

I’m now officially able to run a mile.

I did it.

For real.



(This is the risk one takes when he decides to share his comeback on a blog for the world to see… they get to see all the mistakes he makes.  That probably won’t be the last one.)




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