For a short time, I was going to title this blog 26.2.  Why 26.2?  It’s simple, that’s the distance of a marathon.

I run marathons.

I’m not fast.  I don’t ever win.  If I finish in the top 20% of all runners in a given race, I am thrilled. Lately, as I get get older, I am becoming happy to finish in the top 50% of all runners.

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I love to write.  For decades I have been sharing my thoughts on a variety of subjects with others.  I write mostly about education, writing, motivation, running, baseball (specifically, the Yankees), history, and… life. Over the years, my friends and colleagues have encouraged me to share my thoughts with others.  I have finally decided to do just that.  This blog will be a place to ponder and share thoughts on many different topics.

I hope you enjoy!