Chronicle of a Comeback (vol. 8)

For this post, I’ll cover my last two runs.  It’s basically the same story in so many ways.

Two days ago, on Tuesday, April 14, I went out for my second one mile run.  This was the second time I would actually run the full one-mile distance.  The run itself felt better than on Sunday, and my time indicated I did much better.  I finished at 9:25.  That was significantly faster than the effort on Sunday.  I was pleased and proud.

April 14

The hurts that come from running on roads, all the pounding, and such, seemed to hurt less as well.  I felt good enough.  The run went well enough.  The quickness of my performance was great.  

Later that day, during my virtual physical therapy, I was told that the run was outstanding.  “That was fast,” my physical therapist said.  “Great Job!”

Then came today, which was also a fine run, but not quite as good.  

As is evidenced by the photo at the top of the page, it’s colder this evening than the other day.  The weather is getting progressively cooler rather than warmer.  

For a number of reasons, though, my body just wasn’t as ready to perform.

I am a school principal trying to oversee an outstanding school which is part of an outstanding community, and it’s great, but the demands are legion.  Yesterday I was basically in front of my computer or on the phone for over thirteen hours doing work.  Today it was more of the same.  Yesterday I worked primarily from my standing desk.  Today my legs were tired and I sat much (but not all) of the day as I worked.  

I started working this morning before 5:00 a.m., and when I finally went for my run, at about 5:15 p.m. I was mentally exhausted.  As such, that first hill was very difficult.  I am determined not to walk on these runs, and I didn’t, but it was a slow and tough slog up the little hill.  

The rest of the run went well enough.  These runs are too short to get into a groove and everything really starts to hurt from the pounding over the last quarter of a mile.  Still, I pushed through.

I finished at 9:54.  Still respectable, but slower than the other day.  I’m still pleased.  Today felt like a ten minute mile…and it basically was.

I hope when I run again on Saturday, just one mile again (before I ramp it up a little next week) that it is warmer.  I sense my body would have performed better if it was warm.

Still, Success.

This was my eighth run since I started back on this road.  It has been fourteen weeks and one day since my surgery.  Each run’s distance has either equaled or exceed the previous day’s run.  

They call this progress.  It certainly is.  

I’ll be running a marathon in no time at all.  




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