Principal Sam




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Principal Sam and the Calendar Confusion

Principal Sam Gets Fit

Principal Sam is the main character in a new series of picture books for children in the early elementary grades.

Principal Sam works at Sunnyside School.  An excellent school leader, Principal Sam works hard to make his school one that is a positive and enjoyable place of learning for children.  As such, he is loved and respected by all.  There’s only one problem, Principal Sam is forgetful and he often confuses simple things.  When this happens, the children and the teachers in the school often come to Principal’s Sam’s assistance.

Children will delight in reading about Principal Sam’s exploits and in figuring out his mistakes before he does.  The Principal Sam books are happy, positive, and very engaging.

The first Principal Sam book, Principal Sam and the Calendar Confusion, was published by Ravenswood Publishing on February 14, 2017.  This story is earning many positive reviews including the highly coveted Five-Star rating by Readers’ Favorites.


The first few follow-up books that continue the exploits of Principal Sam are in the works and are planned for release in 2017 and 2018.  These titles are:

Principal Sam Gets Fit – NOW AVAILABLE!


Principal Sam and the Three Bears

Principal Sam and the Big Bad Bully

Principal Sam and the Art Contest

Principal Sam and the Robot  (This book has a STEM based theme)

Principal Sam and the Big Band

Principal Sam Goes on Vacation

There are more Principal Sam books that follow these additional titles; it’s a growing series!

The illustrator for the Principal Sam books is John Fredericks.   John brings Principal Sam to life using traditional pen and ink drawings, along with digital coloring.  He also has produced artwork for several roleplaying game books.   Find him on twitter @sketchingjohn.




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