Other Picture Books

In addition to my (soon to be) published works, I have a host of picture books that are in the “Pre-Published” phase.  

These books are not yet represented by a literary agent or publisher.

Artist John Fredericks is currently working on the Principal Sam series of books and, as such, is not available for these projects.  (He did the art work that is featured above.)

The wonderful editor Britta Eastburg Friesen works with me to bring the highest quality writing and story development to each of these works.  

Interested literary agents, publishers, or illustrators should reach out to me directly for more information about any of these projects.  I can be reached at drpaulsem at hotmail.com or through my Twitter Page: @DrPaulRSem

Dr. Sem’s Other Picture Books:

The Prince of Central Park

I Found a Key!

Small Moments Sports  (This is a series of books.)

A Duck in My School

Athletes Who Inspire (This is a series of books currently in development.)

The Mouse in the Classroom

The Man and His Camera

Tommy Crosses the Delaware

Ike’s Hobby

Their Last At Bats

The Old Bus





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