100 Consecutive Days Running!!!

The first HUGE step is over. 

Today I hit my 100th consecutive day of running.  

I set out this year to run every single day. 

And I am doing it!

I am achieving that goal.  Each and every day this year, I have run.  Without fail.  Every day. Every single day.

My shortest runs have been two miles.  My longest has been seven.  As the weather (finally) warms, I am going to get outside more (much more) get start to log longer and longer and longer runs.  

I feel good.  In fact, on most days, I feel great.

To date, I have run 379.3 miles in 2022.  I’m averaging just under 3.8 miles each day.  

This is good.  It’s great, in fact.

A lot has been going on in my life.  I am constantly busy.  I never rest. And yet, I am making the time, every single day, to run.  

As the weather finally warms up (it’s been a cold and damp spring in New Jersey), I look forward to getting outside more (I do a lot of my runs early in the morning, before work, on my treadmill). I look forward, also, to longer and longer runs.

Once July comes, I’ll be training for the New York City Marathon. Of course, in reality, I’m always training. I never stop. I just never was able to do a sustained streak like this of running every single day.

100 days are in the books. I have 265 to go. I’m about 27% through this task. Yeah, I got this thing.

I’ll reach December 31.  I can do this.

I know I can.

100 is just the next big step in the journey.


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