100 Days To Go!

September 22, 2022

You know how people get all upset when they start to see holiday decorations popping up too soon all over the place? Well, what would you think if I told you that there are only 100 days left in 2022?

Trust me. There are only 100 days left in 2022. Count them if you’d like.

When 2022 began, I set out to do the impossible, for me at least. I set out to run every single day, bar none. My goal was (is) to run 365 days in a row. My goal is to complete a calendar year without taking any days off from running.

Today was day 265. I have just 100 days to go.

I have pushed and fought and struggled, but I’ve come this far. I plan to go the distance.

Some days it has been easy. On some days, I’ve loved the run. In fact, on most days I have loved the daily run. But on some days, and this just happened two days ago, it’s been torture. Two days ago, I forced myself outside. I didn’t want to run. I was tired. I was miserable. But I went out and covered three miles. It wasn’t fun. I hated the task. I hated every step.

Still, I did it.

Yesterday, I ran a tough ten miles over some of the least forgiving hills in Wyckoff and Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Today, it was rainy, and I also wanted a break from the “hills of home” so I did five pretty quick miles on my treadmill.

Day-by-day. Week-by-week. Month-by-month. This is how success comes.

If we put our mind to it, we can do more than we ever thought possible. Impossible is an illusion.

My progress has been great. I’m ramping up well for the New York City Marathon which is coming in November. My monthly mile totals have been as follows:

  • January – 120.4 miles
  • February – 101.5 miles
  • March – 119.9 miles
  • April – 112.9 miles
  • May – 136.2 miles
  • June – 100 miles
  • July – 123.7 miles
  • August – 161.2 miles
  • September (so far) – 151.7 miles

I feel great. I feel strong. Over the last two months, my long runs have gotten longer and longer. As I wrote the other day, I did 17.0 miles recently.

It’s good and it’s great and it’s wonderful.

But it’s not about running. It’s about setting a goal and working toward that goal. It’s about making your mind and letting nothing get in the way. It’s about focus and determination and guts. It’s about doing the job and getting it done.

We set all sorts of goals in our lives. We don’t achieve them all. But, that’s not the point. It’s about working towards those goals with a singularity of purpose and doing whatever we can to achieve them. If we fail, and we will always come across failure, we have to refocus, get back up, and strive again – ever forward. Ever onward. Ever forward.

I have 100 days to go. I think I’ll make it. I plan to make it. If my body doesn’t let me down, I will make it.

I can do this.

I will do this.

We all can accomplish what we set our hearts and minds to do.


You can do more than you think you can. Strive and achieve. Success is right around the corner.


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