Chronicle of a Comeback (vol. 25) – They Call This Progress!

As I chronicle my recovery from Achilles Surgery along with my quest to get in the proper shape to run another marathon, I am pleased to report that I am making great progress.

The last update here was on June 30.  It was a quick post.  I was full of positive energy after having run five miles for the first time since the surgery.  

Today (July 20), I am happy to report that I crossed the five mile plateau and reached six miles on my early morning run today.  

They call this progress.

(And so do I.)

Over the last few weeks, I have worked on running slightly faster for my shorter (2 or 3 miles) runs and covering the five miles runs.  Since I was able to cover five miles on July 8 and then again on July 13, this morning I figured I’d give six miles a try.  

And I did it!

I did it!

I also was able to do this run at better than 5.0 MPH on the treadmill.  That also pleases me.  As I ran, I fluctuated between 5.0 and 5.6 MPH ending with a solid time of 67:52.  (If I had run the whole distance at 5.0 MPH, it would have taken 72 minutes.)

I am starting to feel like a runner again.

If I can run six miles, that basically makes me a 10K runner again.  I’m a slow 10K runner again, but right now it’s just about building strength and endurance.  After all, my surgery was just about 28 weeks ago.  I think I’m way ahead of where I could or should be.  

There is something about the inner-knowledge that brings me peace and contentment because I now know that I can cover some significant distances.  A 10K isn’t nothing.  It isn’t a marathon, it isn’t even a half of a half-marathon, but it’s something.  10K is a good distance.  

Knowing that I can run six miles again is a big step in my physical recovery, but is also gives me some new confidence.  There is peace in knowing that one can run – and run longer distances.  

Along with this, my orthopedist and my physical therapists have all stated how pleased they are with my progress.  I’m also playing competitive softball again and also just completed six innings as the starting pitcher in my first start in the baseball league I play in.  

All of this makes me feel like an athlete again.

I’m not 100%.  I’m not where I want to be. (I don’t know if we ever get where we truly want to be.)  But this is significant progress.  

I plan to stay a six miles for my weekly long run for the next few weeks.  Once I have accomplished this distance a few more times, I’ll attempt the next big leap – eight miles.  If I can run eight by the end of August, I’ll be very pleased.  

For now, I’m feeling good.

Actually, I’m feeling great!


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