Progress (S-L-O-W Progress, but Progress Nonetheless)

My favorite runs are the ones I spend with my dear friend Ed.  Ed is a 33 time marathoner (I have just done 21 of them).   He’s also an IRONMAN (something I will probably never be).  Ed is a warrior and an inspiration. 

He’s also a close close friend.  I cherish the times we run together.

Today we set out on a long run from Harrington Park, New Jersey.  The plan was to cover 18 miles on a route that would take us up the giant hills into River Vale and Montvale, and then back down through Oradell, eventually returning to Harrington Park.  It’s a route we’ve done many times.  

Knowing that 18 miles was probably too ambitious for me, I left my car at the library in Oradell figuring if I could make it there (12.7 miles away), I would have accomplished much.

My legs, my feet, and my torn Achilles tendons have not run much outside…  all my runs have been only on the treadmill, with no incline.  The hard pavement, the uneven sidewalks, the roads, the cars, and the hills would all add to the challenge.  And it was tough.  I think I walked five times in the first mile before finally getting into somewhat of a rhythm.  

Thank God I had a great friend to help me through it.

Ed is also training for the New York City Marathon, but, like a true friend, he complained not t all as I had to take frequent walking breaks to ease the pains I was feeling.  

Still, I powered over some tough hills and covered the 12.7 miles returning all the way to my car allowing Ed to finish the rest of the journey alone.  

This slow run took about two and a half hours, but I did it.  I covered the distance.  The fact that we did, basically a half-marathon in that time leaves me with the hope that I can “run” (I’ll be walking a lot) New York City in under five hours.

It was progress, slow progress, but progress nonetheless.  What I didn’t make up in miles, I made up in time.  It’s important to be out on the roads.  The effort today would easily equal 15 or more treadmill miles.  I had nothing left to give as far as running strength, but the fact that I was out there for that long is a positive sign.

If I can get to Mile 16 in New York, I know I’ll feel the rush of Manhattan which will help me power over a few more miles.  

It was great to run (walk) and talk with Ed.  150 minutes on the roads never passed more quickly.  

It was a great day!




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