Slowing Down? No Way!

People ask me about retirement. What do you do now? Are you slowing down?

Slowing down?!

No way. I’m gearing up!

This week was a great example of how I am working to stay as active as I can be. I was involved in a million different things, and it was great. I love being active. I love having a million varied interests and activities and responsibilities. I live for this. I don’t want there to ever be a speed limit on my life.

Last Saturday I was honored to be able to sit in and play my saxophone on a few songs as part of a terrific band at a sad, but special day in the community as hundreds gathered to remember a dear friend of all who passed away last winter. I also had the chance that day to see and be with some of the greatest people I know; people I don’t see often enough and who I miss greatly.

On Sunday, I practiced with my baseball team. It was great to be outside and on a real pitcher’s mound throwing pitch-after-pitch-after-pitch to a great team of guys. Best of all is the fact that I’ll get to play another season with my son Ethan.

On Monday, I woke-up early, drove from my home in New Jersey to Springfield, Massachusetts where I was a featured presenter at an educational conference. I talked about how great leadership comes from the heart. My message was well-received. After the conference, I visited a friend in Connecticut and was able to give him a signed copy of the new Roy White book. After I got home, it was still nice enough that Laurie and I were able to take a nice walk together.

I woke-up early again on Tuesday and ran ten miles before heading out to observe my student teacher. After that, I was able to put the finishing touches on my most recent complete draft of my running book that will come out next year. (More details soon!)

That evening I was in Toledo, Ohio (virtually) to talk with a great SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) chapter about the Roy White book, the Yankees, and so much more.

On Wednesday, I headed to a local elementary school to spend the day as the featured author. I talked about “Principal Sam” with the kindergarten, first, and second grade students. I also did a writing workshop with a select group of second grade students. That evening, I was at the local library doing a presentation on my Yankees book, “The Least Among Them.”

Today I ran a fast five miles and then ran some errands before finally taking a break to watch the Yankees win their Opening Day game on TV. I also continued working on my next book project!

Tomorrow, I’ll run again. I’ll do my Yankees podcast, and then visit my parents. I just might be able to have a catch with my dad if the weather holds. My dad impresses me to no end. He is 84-years-old and we can still have a catch. He throws well and can catch as well as anyone. Did I mention that he’s 84-years-old?

On Saturday, I will run a marathon (Run-A-Palooza at the NJ Shore) with my son Ryan. Well, we might not run the full 26.2 miles, but we’re going to try. This is actually a training run for us as we prepare for the May 7th Pittsburgh Marathon. If we can cover the 26.2 miles, it’ll be one of the best training runs ever.

Next Tuesday, I’ll be heading to Fenway Park in Boston for a special baseball game (more on that to come also). The best part is that is that my son Alex will go to the game with me.

Later next week, I’ll be participating in our church’s Last Supper reenactment. On Saturday, I’ll be the Easter Bunny for the church’s Egg Hunt. And on Sunday, I was asked to preach at a neighboring church’s Easter service.

I’m asked, often, “What do you do now that you’re retired?”

I usually just smile and say, I’m keeping busy.


People also ask if I miss my old school. Of course I do. I miss it greatly. A ton. I’ve been back a few times, and I’ll be back again in a few weeks to visit with the students, to read to some classes, and be part of a wonderful school, if only for the day.


Each day is only 24-hours long, but I believe that we can find ways to make the days seem longer by being active and productive. My goal is to live vigorously. I want to make the most of each day.

I want to bring joy and smiles to others. I want to continue to inspire.

I want to share and give the love that has been shared with me a million times over.

I have a lot to get to get to.

I may have retired from my day job… but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping.

I don’t ever plan to stop.



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