Running and Writing

Writing and running.

Running and writing.

My mind is full of words and sayings that are helping to continue to push me ever forward…

My personality is such that I can’t help but set goals, push to reach them, and then dream of bigger and greatest things.

They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m the only one…” (John Lennon)

Good is the enemy of great.” (Jim Collins)

Good enough, never is.” (Debbi Fields)

In just over fifteen weeks, I will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon (with my son Ryan).

Over the last two weeks, I’ve completed my first two 10-mile runs as part of my training. I’m way ahead of schedule which is how I like to train. I’m not one for waiting until the last moment.

If all goes well, I’ll run Pittsburgh in May, the New York City Marathon in November, and then I’ll (finally) head to Disney World in January 2024 to complete the Dopey Challenge (four races in four days including the WDW Marathon and Half-Marathon). That’ll be three marathons (and a half marathon) in nine months. Yeah.

Don’t stop me now.” (Queen)

I believe a person has to live his life to the fullest by setting goals and working diligently (and with great tenacity) to reach and achieve those goals.

With the calendar turning to 2023, I also see spring approaching. I might be the only person to see baseballs lying in the grass off in the distance on a cold, damp, and wet January morning. Last week I set up a big net in my basement (as I do every year at this time) and started my winter throwing program. If I’m going to be put on the pitcher’s mound, I must be ready and able to give my teams my best. I may not win on a given day, but no will every doubt that I’m giving it my all.

I’m giving life everything I have.

I owned every second that this world could give.” (OneRepublic)

My next book, From Compton to the Bronx, written with Yankees great Roy White (it’s his autobiography) comes out in April. I’ve been working diligently setting up book talks, author visits, and the like. I think this book is going to be huge.

But, when one is a writer, he is never finished telling and sharing stories. Day after day I’m revising, editing, polishing, and perfecting my latest writing challenge – the book that describes my journey as I ran every single day in 2022.

Writing a book requires a labor of deep love. Each day I come face-to-face with my words, my ideas, and my thoughts… This book requires me to look back on the year that passed. I’m writing a motivational book that I hope helps countless others set and achieve their own goals as I share a story of my life. I’m finding this writing task to be unlike any other. The original words were written each day after I ran, but my task now, as I read through the each draft, is to bring cohesion to the project. It’s a slow process, but it’s coming along in a positive direction.

Slow and steady wins the race.” (Aesop)

Writing a book isn’t easy, but this one reveals a lot of me making it a very different writing experience.

So I write and I run (and I throw baseballs) and I never stop.

I can’t stop.

And I don’t ever want to know what happens if I do stop.

We never know what will happen, unless we try.

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” (T.S. Eliot)


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