I killed my run today.  Crushed it.

After 1 mile, I was at 8:56.

After 2 miles – 17:39 (That was an 8:43 mile.)

After 3 miles – 26:17 (8:38)

After 4 miles – 34:41(8:24)

After 5 miles – 42:50 (8:09)

All of that, a faster-and-faster five-miler to celebrate my 80th Consecutive Day of Running!

I determined to try to go the distance this year, to run 365 consecutive days without fail.  

The plan when I started was to count any run of at least one mile as enough to qualify for running that day.  I’m glad (and proud) to say that I haven’t had to fall back to that standard.,  My shortest runs have been two miles (and I’ve only done that a handful of times).

I feel strong and positive and good.  

I feel great, in fact. Well, at least today, but please don’t get any misconceptions.

As I’ve done this, I have had back pain and other pains.  I’ve had more than a few visits to my chiropractor and have had my son, who is also a chiropractor, also adjust (and fix) me.  My physical therapist also sees me once a month, at least.  

But today I feel great and ten years younger.  Maybe more.

Yesterday I struggled through a four-mile run that made me feel twenty years older at times.

This is what it’s all about.

It’s not just about getting the run in and doing the best I can.  It’s also about running and pushing myself when I don’t feel like it.  Finding the strength to push forward when it would be easier, much easier, to just take a day off.

It’s also about enjoying and basking in the glory of a great run.

I’m now 80 days into this thing.  In under three weeks I’ll hit Day 100.

I am very confident that I can do this.  Very confident.

I have a long way to go.  But I’m strong and good and full of positive energy.

That’s what it takes to achieve.

And I am achieving!


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