If I Can, So Can You!

I was never a gifted athlete.

I was often picked last for the sports teams on the playgrounds and even in gym class.

I never played varsity baseball (my favorite sport.)

I got cut from the freshman soccer team.

The only skill I really have is the ability to focus on a task, stay committed, and get the job done.

(The focus part needs an asterisk – my mom, a special education teacher for much of her career says, if they had a diagnosis for A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. when I was growing up, I would have been a prime candidate.) (She’s not the only one to say this.)

(Quick note – Sitting still is over rated.)


On January 8, 2020, I had Achilles Surgery.

Today, October 2, 2021, 633 days after the surgery, after a long recovery, lots of physical therapy, many visits to the chiropractor, and a great deal of hard work on my part (much of it documented on these pages), I ran 20-miles.

20 miles.


In a little over a month, I’ll run the NYC Marathon. It’ll be my 22nd marathon.

There was a time when I though that I would never be able to run long distances again.

My loving wife, who encourages me in everything, said, a while back, “Maybe you can just enjoy three to five miles runs.”


I can’t.

I need to push, to strive, and to do the impossible.




I’m 53-years-old.

I was never an athlete. I always wished I was one, but I never was one growing up.

I made myself, as an adult, into a long-distance runner.

I made myself into a baseball player. (Yes, I still play baseball too. I don’t think any of the guys who made varsity ahead of me are still playing. I think I got the better of the long-term deal.)

I was broken. I have a great doctor who fixed my Achilles tears. I have great doctors who also keep me healthy.

Now I’m whole.

I just ran 20 miles. (Ok, I walked some of it, but not much. I did 20.)

I am on top of the world.

It is amazing the things we can do when we put our minds to it.


The bigger point.

If I can do it.



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