The Power of 20

You know, it’s funny…

I was getting very nervous about my upcoming NYC Marathon. And although I have run twenty marathons, coming back from an injury that sidelined me for so long had me scared.

(Let’s just say this – an Achilles tear is simply no fun.)

Because it’s been so long since I have run far.  I’ve been scared.  Very scared.


Frightened of the training runs, terrified of the marathon.

I have to say that on more than one occasion I very seriously considered backing out of the race, but I knew I also couldn’t do that because I will be delivering some sermons at the Ecumenical Service Tent at the start.  They need me there and I need to honor my commitment to this.

But still I was scared and frightened and very concerned about all of this.  I was worried that my days as a long distance runner were behind me.

And then, yesterday, on a dark rainy Saturday morning,  I jumped on my treadmill and slowly, and deliberately, plodded through, step-by-step, and ran…20 miles.

That run, a run that took me three hours and twenty-five minutes, changed everything.

I went from being scared to being confident.  I, once again, feel like I can do anything.

I CAN do anything!

The race is three weeks away.

I wish it were tomorrow.

New York City, here I come.

(I love the New York City Marathon!)


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