Possibility is Everything

Well, I have finally done it.  I think I came up with the title of my next book, the follow-up to Impossible is an Illusion.  

I think the title my next book will be Possibility is Everything.  

Right now, I really like that title.  The words, short, succinct, and precise sum up much of my philosophy on life.  I think it also goes extremely well with Impossible is an Illusion.  In that text, I explain and demonstrate that people can do things they never thought possible by trying, believing, giving their best efforts, and by never giving up. 

But, while it is true that impossible is an illusion, we still don’t accomplish all we set out to do.  We just don’t.  No matter how successful we are, we fail.  I’d like to say that most of us fail more than we succeed.  But that’s just not true.  What is true is that ALL of us fail more than we succeed.  We fail way more than we succeed.  Failure is a big part of success.  When we strive, we often fall short.  Success comes when we persevere and push through the failures and doubts.  The only people who don’t fail are the ones who aren’t trying.  (But, because they aren’t trying, they are failing at so much so much more than they’ll ever realize.)  

As we strive to reach our goals, to meet our dreams, to achieve the impossible, we can also be inspired by the idea that Possibility is Everything.  

I came up with this saying as I was running today.  I have shared my running pains and trials and tribulations here on these pages countless times – most notably, my attempt to recover from a torn Achilles and get into share to run the 2018 New York City Marathon.  It’s been a long haul.  I’m not 100% healed yet so my runs hurt still, and as the miles increase, they hurt even more.  But I’m close – and I’m making progress.  It’s slow progress, but it is progress nonetheless.

Many years ago, I made DVDs to watch as I run on my treadmill.  These DVDs are filled with pictures of runners, inspiring scenes, and motivational quotes.  As I was pushing, ever forward (at least figuratively because in reality I was running in the same location the whole time), a quote came up that spoke to the power of possibility.  Sometimes I pause the DVD on certain quotes and just ponder them for a while.  I didn’t pause on that quote, but the words still stuck with me.  I started to mix the words in my mind and began considering the idea that hope helps to drive us, that goals push us to be our best, and that…

Possibility is Everything.  

In order to get ready for the marathon,  I have to keep increasing my mileage.  Today I set out to run eleven miles.  Those words helped push me though the pain, discomfort, boredom (I was on a treadmill for two hours after all), and self-doubt.  I told myself that I could cover the necessary distance.  It was the possibility of success that kept me going.  

It is possibility that moves us forward.  Always.  

I’m a long way from marathon shape, but I’ll get there.  I will.  I know it.  You know why?  Because I know it is possible for me to do it.

Possibility is everything.

Possibility produces hope and it is that hope makes everything seem possible.

Possibility helps us dream and aspire.  Possibility makes things that might seem impossible possible.  

I’ve now been published a few times.  I have done book talks.  People come to venues to listen to me talk.  People have told me that my children’s books are cute and funny.  (I enjoy making kids laugh.)  I have also been told that Impossible is an Illusion has motivated others and given them a new outlook on life.  My words are actually changing people’s lives for the better.  (How cool is that?)  I have even been asked for my autograph.  I’m humbled by the attention that my small endeavors have produced, but I am dreaming of more.

I have a most wonderful novel titled Scattering the Ashes.  It is truly special.  It’s a story with heart and passion and it is one that is filled with hope and wonder.  It’s the story of a young man and the woman who helps him find himself.  It’s a story of respect and love.  It’s also the tale of a very unique way that a son connects with his father.  I know that once it is published, that the public will flock to it.  It’s endearing.  It’s warm.  It’s fun and wonderful.  But still, at this moment, it is unpublished.  

But, in the last week, four different publishers have asked for sample chapters from the text.  This is huge!  I have the hope that one day soon a publishing offer will come in.  I dream of seeing my book on the shelves in Barnes and Noble.  It’s possible!

I keep going, I keep trying, I keep having faith because Possibility is Everything.

It is possibility that keeps me moving forward.  

Possibility gives hope.  Possibility encourages us to work hard.  Possibility allows us to dream.  Possibility gives us avenues so that we can succeed. 

All good things in life occur because at one point we dreamed them.  Our successes, big and small, began as ideas.  We went for it because it was possible.

It is the possibly of so much that motivates me, in every way, to work harder.

It’s that way with all of us.  

It’s our dreams that excite us.

It’s our hopes that give us direction.

And it’s because of the possibility of success that we move forward.  

And as such, everything is possible…

and Possibility is Everything.










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