Well, I did it.

As I have shared, I was under-trained, a bit over weight, and unprepared for the race, but I knew I needed to do it. I’m still not fully recovered from the Achilles tear that kept me out of last year’s race. But all of that is now in the past.

At the Marathon Chapel at the start before the race, in one of the messages I delivered, I reminded the runners to trust God in their darkest moments on the course. I know I did.

I was toast by Mile 10. I had nothing left in the tank. But I pushed ever forward. Step-by-step all the way over the 26.2 miles to the glorious finish in Central Park.

There is nothing remotely like the New York City Marathon. As I have written many times, that race has become part of who I am – part of my very being. (It’s hard to explain.) This was my seventh NYC Marathon, each has been a wonderful journey – each has been different, but, even through the pain, the doubt, and the physical suffering, each has been glorious and wonderful.

My time, (unofficially) 4:47:47, was my slowest marathon ever, but that was to be expected. I gave it all I had, left it all on the course, and battled through…

It was a great day because of the organization, the support from NYRR, Emergency Services, the many volunteers, the Police and Fire Departments, and so many more. It was a great day because of the love that the New York spectators give to the runners. Hearing, “Go Dr. Sem” and “You’re Awesome!” for 26.2 miles creates a special feeling that is also impossible to fully explain.

There is nothing like this race!

As you all also know, I ran this race to support the American Cancer Society – a wonderful organization that has helped my family as my in-laws battle this disease. The support they have given and provided, for free, has been tremendous and greater than we could have ever imagined. I wanted to use the race to give back to them.

Before I move on to other posts and other topics, I’ll ask our readers, one last time to consider donating to this wonderful cause. If you’d like to give, please click here:

Dr. Sem Runs the NYC Marathon for the American Cancer Society. 

Thank you!!!


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