This is Why We Teach

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

Henry Adams

The quote above is absolutely true.  100%.  Great teachers leave a lasting impact on the students they teach.  That positive impact can last forever.

I received the following e-mail today about my father – who retired from teaching over twenty years ago:

                Hi Dr. Sem,

                Today my mom was telling me about a teacher that inspired her and she mentioned the name Mr.  Semendinger. She said he inspired her and really helped her get on the right path.  I was wondering if he had any relationship to you. She said it was her 6th grade teacher (from Valley Middle School in Oakland).

The legacy of caring, compassion, and commitment that my father brought to the classroom, and instilled in me, is continually carried forward.

Great teachers change lives.

I love knowing that my father was a great teacher.


(I am very fortunate, my wife, mother, father, and grandmother were all great teachers.  They all inspire me to be my best.  The focus today, though, is on Dad.)




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