Setting A Place At The Table

Thanksgiving 2020


This Thanksgiving will be different from ones in the past.  This Thanksgiving might be the first one that includes the complete absence of friends, family… loved ones.

There will be smaller gatherings and many empty seats.  

There will be empty homes.  And empty hearts.

The turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and the rest may taste less rich and be less fulfilling because they cannot replace the void that will be continually present on this day.

There will be an absence of voices and of laughter.  

It will be a Thanksgiving with seemingly little to give thanks for – a Thanksgiving of emptiness.  

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Not entirely.  

No matter how you celebrate, and with whom, no matter how empty your table, or full, there is still room for one more – one who, if you welcome him, will, in his own way, ease the emptiness, the longing, and the sadness.

This Thanksgiving, open a spot at your table, and in your heart, for Christ Jesus.  

Use this Thanksgiving, one where there will be more time, to make time for Him.

Find the space this Thanksgiving, one will there will be more space, to make room for Him.

Open your hearts, open your spirit, open your lives, completely, to the goodness that Christ brings.  Open it all to the love, to the fulfilling richness and to the fullness of a life with him.  

The joy.  The peace.  The love that Christ shares will then be with you.  

But unlike those that come and go with the holidays, once you open your table and heart to Christ, he will stay.  And you will be richer for it.  

There is always room at our table for Christ.  He always wishes to be part of our lives, but we often forget to invite Him, especially at those times when we seem so full with the companionship of others.

This year will be different.  

Set a place at your table for Christ.

You will be glad you did.


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