Yankees Fun

So, I’m having some fun on Twitter…

The other day I had this crazy idea to tell the story of individual New York Yankees players within the 140 character limit on Twitter.

This evening I began the project.  This is a series that will take a long time to bring to completion.  I have no timeline and I’m not sure if I will ever do a 140 character biography of every single Yankee.  I also did not want to get caught up in any pattern so I am just doing biographies of players that capture my interest at the moment.  I plan to jump around eras, positions, and even popularity.  This won’t be a series that only highlights the most popular or famous Yankees.  I plan for obscure or lesser-known Yankees to also be part of the project.

This should be fun.

I’ll also take requests.

Thus far, I have captured each of the following players with a 140 character biography and graphic on Twitter.

Lou Gehrig

Mel Stottlemyre

Tommy Henrich

On deck:

Rickey Henderson

Cliff Johnson

Frank Chance

Please Stay Tuned and Enjoy!





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